Tara Moss comes to play - dubs Bexterity "Australia's Bunny Yeager!"

01st October 2013
A few weeks ago I received a phone call from Tara Moss. She'd seen my WarBirds Photoshoot special on the page and wanted to snap up a booking straight away! I mean, who wouldn't!

With over 3500 makeovers under my pinup belt I was still pretty nervous knowing that Tara would be my first ever "real" model. With 25 years modelling experience, and her celebrity status, needless to say it was all a little daunting!

Tara arrived on Wednesday and after discussing her outfit options she was straight in the pinup parlour seat ready to be transformed to pinup perfection. A huge thank you goes out to Deb from Doll Deluxe for custom making an amazing frock for Tara to wear during her shoot! Those shots will be released soon!

I love how down to earth Tara is and we chatted away while I did her hair and makeup. I feel very honoured to have had the opportunity to work with her! Her fab hubby Berndt and gorgeous daughter Sapphira were on location with us as well, and there were definately lots of laughs as Sapphira tried to copy mummy's pinup poses in front of the war planes.

Tara has written up an amazing blog about her experience with Bexterity, so please check it out and go and follow her page! ♥ Bek xx