Client Feedback

I have received lots of feedback from my clients, here are just a few!

Miss Jessica - Getting transformed into a 50's pinup was one of the most exciting, glamorous, and fun things I have ever experienced! Bek was a gem who made my experience at Bexterity so comfortable and really made me feel like a doll. I am so incredibly happy with the overall photos that has been produced! I will defiantly be back for not 1 but many more photo-shoots to come, I highly recommend this for anyone who is wanting not just a regular photo-shoot. Thanks Bek!

Miss Steph - Booking a photo shoot with Bexterity was something that I had been looking at for a very long time. Of course it was something completely different to anything that I have ever done before so I was extremely nervous!! The moment that I walked in, Bex made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed! All of the themes that I had in mind were turned into a reality and i could not believe my pin-up transformation! It was such an amazing experience, and I just love my prints that will forever be a reminder of a special day! If anybody is thinking about getting some pinup photos, just do it! I honestly cannot recommend Bexterity enough!! Thank you again for a wonderful day!" I hope to be able to book another shoot with you sometime in the near future!! Best of luck with everything! You honestly deserve nothing but the best! Take care! Love always, Steph xxxx

Miss Daisy - Bexterity's shoots are worth every dollar. I went from feeling nervous with butterflies in my tummy, to feeling amazing; I couldn't believe how I looked when Bek was finished with my makeup! I absolutely adore her studio wardrobe, she really does cater for every shape and size and it was so hard choosing what to wear. The whole makeover and shoot felt like it was over in a minute- time really does fly when you're having fun! Bek does an amazing job, every photo that I got to choose from already looked perfect. Thank you, and I'll definitely be back for more shoots in the future! xo

Miss Carly - Bek was amazing!! My whole experience was made an absolute joy. As soon as I walked in the door I felt comfortable. She is so talented, my hair and makeup was gorgeous and the clothes were stunning.

I couldn’t have asked for a more fantastic day! There were a lot of laughs.

The hardest thing was choosing my photos as every single one was pure perfection!! Couldn’t wait to show them off.

Thanks Bek, your sensational, I had a blast xxx

Miss Stephie - I had an amazing time on my photoshoot right from the start you made me feel welcome and (as i was so nervous on the way over,) relaxed!! i loved the whole experience especially being pampered with hair and make up! i really appreciated all your guidance with the positioning for the photos and cant wait to see the finished product!!!! Thanks again for everything i will definatly be recommending you to my friends! Steffie x

Miss Alaina - ix days a week I get dirty and greasy working as a Harley-Davidson mechanic. The other day of the week I can generally be found in the garage, working on my own bikes and cars.

This leaves me with not much time to do all the girly things like putting on make-up and doing my hair... just spending a bit of time to make myself pretty.

My wonderful boyfriend organized a shoot with Bexterity, and i have to say it was one of the best times of my life.. for someone who I only just met, and being very self-concious of my own body, Bek made me feel very comfortable and i thouroughly enjoyed the time I spent in the studio.

I was very impressed with the variety of outfits, scenes, props, accessories and Bek's expert guidance in getting the poses just right. In my opinion this is exactly what sets her apart from everyone else. She has a true passion and love for retro and pin-up, and that's exactly why I would go back for another shoot, buy her accessories (I love my cherry earrings) and recommend her to my friends.

Then when my bf picked me up after the shoot, he was speechless... :)



"As a photographer i admire your technical precision, as an artist i love the look and feel of your photo's and as a historian i love the contextual accurasy and flavour of what you do. Oh and i'm jealous as all buggery as a warplane buff and trainee pilot of your locations. As i previously mentioned your pics are an homage to Norman Rockwell you should be justifiably proud of your work. Very much looking forward to your next series and as a token i have thrown one of my own shots here as a sign of admiration for your good work." - A.p Stacey

"I just wanted to thank you very much for today and for the lovely comments on your fb page and blog.

This shoot was exactly what I needed after a couple of months I'd rather forget! The perfect way to re-start the year.

I felt completely at ease with you from the get-go...and I tell you a little something - NO ONE GETS ME IN SWIMWEAR!!! hahaha

You are truly a wonderful person and so talented at what you do.

I wish you and your lovely family a wonderful stay on the GC and a safe and brilliant Vegas trip. Can't wait to read all about it.

So looking forward to next time!

Meg xx"

"a girl would be crazy for not wanting to have such glamorous shots by this wonderful lady! my nerves were calmed easily and quickly, as bek is a lady that could get along with anyone. i had kept my shoot a secret so went in a clean slate with no idea what styles i wanted, which clothes i wanted to wear - and boy was there a choice of such beautiful, authentic dresses, and jewelry, and hair pieces, and shoes, and accessories!!!! bek was extremely helpful in guiding me how to pose my body - and how tricky it is to be a pinup =) thinking that this style may not suit me, i was amazed at my own transformation, and was dumbstruck and in awe of my final shots, "is that really me!". bek makes it all seem so easy, which goes to show how natural her talent is. the night flew by, and like most of her other clients, i am already thinking of my next shoot, as i cant get enough of miss bexterity."
- miss niccy, 2010

""you really are the the best when it comes to cheesecake pinup! others often try what you do but no one does it as well as you do, keep up the amazing work huni""
- miss rachelle, 2010

"Once I decided to go ahead and be a pin-up for a day, I did a lot of research and it became evident that Bexterity is the BEST! Bexterity has the best photos, the best make-up, the best hair, the best wardrobe and the best props out there! I am so glad I chose Bexterity, Bek was so professional and yet I felt like we were just two mates having a laugh. Now I have some awesome pin-up photos that I can look back on. Thanks Bek! "
- miss adele, 2010

"What an amazing experience! From the beautiful hair and makeup, to the fabulous clothes, shoes and accessories, not to mention the brilliant sets - everything was provided for me! All I had to do was dress up, and pose! Having never modelled before, I felt a little nervous, but Bek made me feel at ease, and in no time I was feeling extremely glamourous! I can hardly believe that's me in the pictures! If you've ever considered doing something like this, I highly recommend it with Bexterity! You won't regret it!"
- miss susan, 2010

"Last year I watched a documentary about the pin-up girls and simply loved the era! I wish I was born a few decades earlier so I could have been a real pin-up. Back to reality I thought I could find a specialised photographer in my home town, Sydney, and I was over the moon when I found Bexterity! Anticipation started to build up since then because I wanted to wait for my twin sister to come from Brazil to visit me, so we could have a photo shoot together. Unfortunately she couldn’t make it this year but I couldn’t wait any longer and went by myself. I love taking photos but felt so nervous in the beginning, but Bek knows how to calm you down and I really got into the retro mood. This young lady is so talented… it makes me feel really proud to be part of her work. Another great thing that happened to me after the shoot was recovering my girlie side, I feel like dolling up every day and whenever I’m in a hurry a red lipstick does the trick! I will certainly do it all over again when my sister comes over!!"
- miss fernanda, 2010

"My photoshoot with Bek endedup not only just about getting gorgeous photos taken, butbeing an experienceof a lifetime that I will NEVER forget!! Her huge range of clothing andprops in turn with her extensive knowledge of the era ensures you get a truelyauthentic pin up girl experience! <3

I was very nervous when I walked into the studio thefirst time, having never done anything like this before I had no idea what toexpect, but once I saw all of the beautiful props and dresses thatfilled the studio I was in awe and knew I was in good hands! Whilstgetting ready for the shoot the girls were so friendly, we chatted and jokedaround like we had known each other for years and the nerves passed.Once my new look for the day was revealed I hardly recognised myself inthe mirror I looked so good, just like a real pin up! Now came the cameratime, and this was the part I was nervous about, but Bek knew exactly how todirect me... where to stand, where to put my hands, when to smile and came upwith fantastic different scenes ideas that I could not have thought ofmyself! The photos ended up being fantastic!! They wereso professional and were better than I could ever dreamedof!! They are a great reminder of a fun filled day!!

I have already had two shoots with Bek and want to keepcoming back again and again cause they are so much fun... I recommendeverybody do it"
- miss larissa, 2010

"After discovering Bexterity through facebook I was instantly in love with Bek's work. I had read that when most people walked into her studio they felt like they were amongst friends from the first minute. I was delighted when I realised how true this was. Girly chats about life and the presence of 2 adorable pugs eased any nerves I had about the shoot. After I was transformed into a beautiful pinup and put on the first outfit I felt so relaxed and excited. Bek was great at directing me into different poses. The shots turned out fantastic and everything was incredibly professional from the moment I booked. My only disappointment was that it didn't last longer. I already want to book another!"
- miss erin, 2010