"Australia's Bunny Yeager!" - Tara Moss
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Hey Guys & Dolls!

Do you want a PinUp Makeover like NO OTHER? Then you've come to the right place!

Whether you live, breathe and idolise the 50's or just want a fun cheesecake makeover, Bexterity PinUp Photography has a package that will suit that sultry siren within!

A surprise gift for your partner or just a fun day out with the girls, Bex will have you all dolled up, and servin up that 50’s cheesecake in no time!

I supply EVERYTHING for your PinUp shoot including professional makeup, vintage hair styling, clothing, vintage lingerie, props and a wide selection of different scenes/sets/backgrounds!



Email bek@bexterity.com

Gift Vouchers always available!
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02nd December 2013
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